Pedro Martinez jabs New York Mets fans

Even on his path into Cooperstown, it appears quite clear that playing against New York Yankees meant a lot more to Pedro Martinez than playing for New York Mets.

On Tuesday, Martinez was elected to Hall of Fame, took a swipe at the fats of Mets.

Martinez told that coming over to New York Mets really got him to understand New York fans as well as their fan base.

Three Straight World Championships For Lee

It is looking good on the Malaysian side at the Copenhagen World Championships as 31 years old number one Lee Chong Wei managed to enter the final rounds of the world championships for the third time straight. Women’s top seed, Li Xuerui from China also managed to advance into the title match against Spain’s Carolina Marin.

State Island Fields set to reopen with the support of Marquis and BTF

The League complex was opened in the State Island Field amidst a ceremony of lighting. The complex survived damage worth $ 1.5 from a storm. The fund of baseball assisted in ensuring renovation of $ 235,000 from MSB. Jason Marquis an ex- champion conversed with minimum of 100 children wearing uniforms. Jason Marquis helped in securing State Island League a third position against Canada in a World Series League for the little when he was 13 years of age.

Becoming a Good Baseball Player

Baseball is a sport that appeals to many people regardless of the age. You will kids at their early ages training in baseball to people in their adulthood training to become good players. It is important to be well 'equipped' with qualities that can turn a person into a good player and they are: power of focusing, passion, aggression (which is also part of the passion), and agility. If you don't have these features, then you won't be able to qualify as a good player even if you are subject to many training lessons.

MLB donates US$ 200000 to typhoon

Typhoon Haiyan destroyed Philippines, and on Thursday Major League Baseball fell in the international relief effort by declaring a donation of US$ 200000 to the American Red Cross and UNICEF.

Major League Baseball is also sparking their fan base by promoting support of the American Red Cross and UNICEF via public service announcements and editorial coverage on MLB Network and their website